The Primary Benefits Of Undergoing Physical Therapy After An Accident

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When you suffer a serious injury like a broken leg or fractured hip in an accident, you might spend weeks, if not months, recovering from it. Even when your bone heals, however, you might struggle to regain your former sense of balance and physical strength.

You also might face having to go back to work or resume your normal routine, despite just recovering from a serious injury. You may be able to regain the physical capabilities you lost prior to the accident when you undergo professional physical therapy.

Weight Tolerance

After your fractured bone heals and you are once again free to move around normally, you might find you cannot put as much weight on the fractured area as you did prior to the accident. You may experience pain when you try to walk. You also might find the injured area is stiff or prevents you from walking, bending, or climbing stairs normally. 

When you undergo physical therapy, however, you can progressively learn to put weight on the healed bone or joint and once again move as you did prior to getting injured. The exercises you undertake in physical therapy can coax your body into tolerating weight again on the affected area and can help you to relearn basics like how to walk, bend over, climb up a flight of stairs and otherwise move like normal.


You also might find that your sense of balance has shifted when you heal from your injury. You might feel like you are favoring one side of your body over another. You could find put yourself at risk of falling down and getting hurt again.

To prevent another injury, you can undergo physical therapy and learn how to balance your weight equally. You can step over objects and lean or bend over without the worry of toppling over and getting hurt again.

Pain Prevention

Finally, despite your injury healing, you still may experience pain from it. The pain can stem from arthritis or a lack of movement. When you go through physical therapy, you may strengthen your body and help it heal from the pain you experience. You may reduce the effects of arthritis and stiffness from the broken bone or joint.

Physical therapy can help you regain your former sense of strength and balance after you heal from a serious injury like a broken bone or joint. You may reduce any pain or stiffness you feel in the affected area and minimize the chances of you falling and getting hurt again.