What To Expect When Seeing A Chiropractor For Migraine Relief

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Some studies show that chiropractic treatments can have a positive impact on quality of life for someone who experiences migraines and may be effectively integrated into the overall migraine treatment plan. Chiropractic care certainly doesn't make migraines worse, so seeing a chiropractor is worth a shot when you're tired of dealing with the onset of migraines regularly.

Here are a few things to expect when seeing a chiropractor for migraine pain treatment for the first time.

A Thorough Consultation

The first thing your chiropractor will want to do is consult with you and figure out your history of migraine pain, the severity of the problem, and the treatments you have tried and/or are trying to manage the pain. This will help them determine whether chiropractic care would be beneficial to you, and if so, what kind of chiropractic treatment would be best suited for your situation. This is the time when you can get all your questions and concerns addressed too, so consider bringing along a list of questions you have to ensure that nothing important gets overlooked.

Considering Treatment Options

Once your consultation is complete, your chiropractor will lay out all the treatment options that they feel would work for you and then help you decide what options to start with. They may recommend spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, or other treatments depending on the type of migraine pain you're dealing with and the potential cause of the migraines. They will explain the benefits, the possible side effects, and the expected outcome of each treatment. From there, you can decide which treatments to try and which to avoid based on your comfort levels.

The Initial Treatment

After choosing what treatments to try, you can participate in your first chiropractic session with your service provider. You will learn about the process of each treatment you undergo so that you know what to expect during future chiropractic sessions. You are likely to feel a difference after your first treatment, even if that difference is just that your body feels looser and less stressed.

Scheduling Future Treatments

Your chiropractor will probably want to schedule at least the next treatment session, if not the next few sessions before you leave your first appointment. Ongoing treatments are often necessary to make more improvements or to maintain the improvements that have been realized. Scheduling upcoming treatments right away will help keep you on track and ensure that too much time doesn't pass between your appointments.