Tips For Sticking To A Weight Loss Program When You've Struggled In The Past

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If you've followed weight loss programs before and have struggled to stick with one, then you might be a little worried this time around. Will you stick with it this time? How do you ensure you stick with it and succeed, unlike your previous attempts? To some degree, it comes down to willpower. However, there are also a few tips you can follow to increase your ability to stick to a weight loss plan.

Adopt it slowly

Instead of just jumping headfirst into an intense weight loss plan, take your time and work your way into it slowly. Give your mind and body time to adapt to the changes before you introduce more changes. For example, if your goal is to lose weight by eating only 1,800 calories a day, you could cut back to 2,000 calories during the first week, and then cut back further to 1,800 calories the second week. Adapt this advice to your preferred weight loss plan.

Have a friend join you

Losing weight is often easier if you have someone else by your side who understands what you're going through and can support you. So, ask around in your friend group and see if anyone is interested in following the weight loss plan you're following. You can get together once a week and discuss your progress, give each other moral support when you're tempted to go off the plan, and even work out together — if your plan calls for that.

Choose a realistic plan

It's easier to lose weight with a weight loss plan that is realistic than with one that sets overly lofty goals. So, look over the plan you want to follow carefully, and make sure it really does suit you. If you're a really active male, for example, a weight loss plan that has you eating 1,200 calories per day probably isn't very realistic. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor or a dietitian for help choosing a weight loss plan. They can find a plan that fits your health and lifestyle, and they may even create a custom plan for you.

Sticking with a weight loss plan is not always easy. If it was, everyone would do it! Success starts with picking a plan that truly suits your needs. Then, you can benefit from having a friend join you and from easing your way into it. Take it day by day, and you'll be there soon.