Pregnant? Here's Why You Should Keep Seeing Your Chiropractor

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If you recently found out that you are pregnant, you might be thinking through which self-care routines you should keep up with throughout pregnancy and which ones you should put off until you give birth. One practice that you should certainly keep up with throughout your pregnancy is visiting the chiropractor for spinal adjustments. Here are some benefits to continuing with chiropractic care through pregnancy.

Fewer Aches and Pains

Chances are high that you've had friends and relatives who've complained of achy backs and achy thighs later in their pregnancy. As your baby grows and your belly becomes heavier, it starts pulling forward on your spine and putting a lot of strain in the lumbar region of your vertebral column. This pulls on the muscles in the area, leading to aches and pains. A chiropractor can adjust your spine to alleviate this pressure as your baby continues to grow and your body continues to change. You won't find yourself lying awake at night or reaching for pain relievers as often.

Reduced Stress

Even if you are absolutely excited about bringing a little one into the world, you're probably under some degree of stress related to this change. You may be worried about how you will parent, how your career will change, or how your partner will adapt to the new baby. In the midst of all this stress, some of your normal ways of alleviating stress, like sipping a glass of wine, may be out of reach during your pregnancy. By alleviating pressure on your spinal nerves and helping your muscles relax, chiropractic care helps keep your stress levels under control. Less stress is better for both you and the baby.

Easier Birth

Having your spine adjusted regularly throughout your pregnancy will also make the experience of giving birth easier. With your spine properly aligned, the muscles throughout your core will be better able to push the baby out. Plus, if you are comfortable during your pregnancy, you'll stay more active—and that activity will keep your body in better physical fitness in preparation for birth. Chiropractors can also help ensure your pelvis is properly aligned so that the baby can more easily pass through the birth canal.

There are a few habits you may need to quit during pregnancy, but visiting the chiropractor is not one of them. If you have any additional concerns, reach out to a chiropractor near you.