The Process Of Finding The Right Chiropractic Massage Therapist

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What type of massage do you want, and why do you need a massage? Do you have an injury that needs smoothing out or do you just have some kinks that need to be worked on? If muscle relaxants don't work, then you may need to try a chiropractic massage therapist. Chiropractic therapies are alternative treatments for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors do offer massages and are more suited for people seeking natural pain relief remedies. There are several things you should know when seeking a chiropractor for massage.

Licensed or Certified

The chiropractor you choose should be licensed or certified by a recognized institution. You should use a chiropractor who has training and experience. They have worked on different types of bodies so working with yours may be a no-brainer. You should also look at their clientele. Some have focused on the elderly, children, or adults, and others tend to work with a mixture of people. Note that you will usually be seen by both a licensed chiropractor and massage therapist who will work in conjunction with one another; check on the specialties and experience of both professionals.

Insurance Coverage

Does your insurance cover chiropractor service? Most insurances do, but your chiropractor has to be certified. Chiropractors are considered health professionals, although their specialty is alternative medicine. They do about eight years of training (equivalent to med school) and even have to do board examinations. When all that is completed, they still have to seek to become certified. For this reason, medical insurance covers their services.


Reviews can give you a lot of insights into a customer's personal experience with a service. Though, you should not base the experience on reviews alone as some could be falsified. If a chiropractor does not have a social media page, you can check Yelp for reviews or do a general internet search. Some people actually use reviews to influence their decision. You can also be one of those people, especially if you are particular.

Shop Around

Usually, most people test drive a vehicle before they make the final purchase. You should do this when it comes to choosing a chiropractor. If you have come up with a list, narrow it down to three or four and try them before selecting one for regular chiropractic care visits. While cost may be a determining factor, also consider the quality of the service, ambiance, and the experience that you have during consultation.

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