What Treatments Do Chiropractors Use To Treat Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of those who suffer from back pain on a daily basis. This is often due to back injuries, aging or deformities of the spine that some people are born with. Many people rely on regular treatments from a chiropractor to make their pain less severe and more manageable. These are some different types of treatments that chiropractors often use to treat lower back pain.


With manipulations the chiropractor normally uses his hands or a special device to apply pressure to the area where the pain originates. This may be done to the spine or the joints where the pain is radiating. The amount of force applied depends on the type of manipulation being performed.

Manipulations help relieve pain and improve the function of the back and spine. These treatments also reduce irritation in the nerves of the lower back which often gives instant relief from pain.


Mobilization is another technique used by chiropractors to relieve lower back pain. This is done by using a lower velocity type of manipulation to help stretch and move the joints and muscles. Mobilization relieves stiffness in the lower back and increases the ability to move in this area.

Electromagnetic Therapy 

Electromagnetic therapy is performed by placing small electrodes against the skin in the area of the lower back where the pain is felt. This stimulates the nerves and relieves inflammation of the joints and tendons in the lower back. 

Hot/Cold Therapy 

Another type of treatment offered by a chiropractor is hot/cold therapy. This is done by placing ice packs and heating pads on the affected area of the lower back to help relieve pain. Heat and cold treatments may be rotated to help reduce swelling and inflammation of the muscles and joints.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage is also commonly offered as a type of treatment for lower back pain in a chiropractor's office. However, this is often performed by a professional trained in deep tissue massage who is employed by the chiropractor. This treatment helps loosen stiff muscles and joints which relieves pain and helps the patient regain movement in the lower back. 

Many who have regular chiropractor visits have been very successful in keeping their lower back pain at a more tolerable level. Some patients have found chiropractic treatment as a way to completely relieve back pain. It is not uncommon for those who receive these treatments to also be able to stop using prescription medications and instead manage their lower back pain through more natural, chemical-free methods.

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