What To Expect Before, During, And After A Chiropractic Adjustment

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If you've been suffering from lower back pain, there's a good chance that you'll be referred to a specialist--known as a chiropractor--for a chiropractic adjustment. This procedure is generally painless and involves the work of a chiropractor's skilled hands to relieve lumbar back pain. If this will be your first chiropractic adjustment, it's a good idea to go into it with an idea of what to expect before, during, and after your appointment.

Before the Appointment

If you've never been to the chiropractor before, you may need to start by scheduling an initial consultation; this will give the chiropractor a chance to review your health history, ask you to describe your back pain, and perform a physical exam so he or she can get an idea of what needs to be done. Your chiropractor may also recommend other tests at this time or take X-rays. Typically, at the end of your initial consultation, you'll be able to schedule an appointment for your actual adjustment. There's nothing specific you need to do to prepare for the adjustment itself.

During the Adjustment

On the day of your chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will likely begin by asking for an update on your pain and making sure there haven't been any changes in your medical history since your last appointment. From there, he or she will have you lay face-down on the chiropractic table, which should be padded for your comfort. Based on the location of your pain/discomfort, the chiropractor will then use his or her hands to apply sudden yet controlled motions to your spinal joints. During this time, you may hear some popping or cracking, but you should not feel any pain; the cracking and popping sounds are normal and indicate that your spine is being moved out of its normal range of motion.

After the Adjustment

Many people find that they feel a huge relief from pain and pressure immediately following a chiropractic adjustment. However, to ensure the best possible results, your chiropractor may also recommend that you take some at-home treatments into your own hands following the procedure. These may include:

  • daily stretches
  • more exercise
  • applying heat or cold

The effects of your chiropractic adjustment won't last forever, but they can last for a very long time. And the good news is that if your pain begins to come back, you can always return to a chiropractor's office, such as Fish Creek Chiropractic, for another adjustment.